Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the activities and services of Espoo Parishes

Espoo Parishes endeavour to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as part of its activities and services. We comply with the restrictions and guidelines issues by the authorities and Bishops.

Parish activities and ceremonies (-30 April 2021)

  • During the period of restrictions, worship services can be followed online. For more information, see our event calendar (in Finnish).
  • All parish group activities will be moved online, related information will be given separately.
  • Children’s playgroups are considered in the same way as municipal early childhood education and, therefore, will continue to operate normally for the time being.
  • Established group activities for children (12 years and under) can be operated.
  • Parishes offer the opportunity to receive Holy Communion in small groups or privately. Please see below for instructions.

Holy Communion (- 30 April 2021)

Practice of Holy Communion during the corona pandemic

Espoonlahti Parish

  • Holy Communion is distributed in the church hall of Espoonlahti Church on Sundays between noon and 2 pm.
  • No registration necessary. A maximum of 5 persons can attend at a time. More detailed instructions will be given on the spot.

Espoo Cathedral Parish (Espoon tuomiokirkkoseurakunta)

  • Holy Communion is distributed in the Cathedral on Sundays at 4–6 pm.
  • Registration is not necessary. In order to avoid crowding, the parishioners are asked to come to the church as follows:
    * Those born in January–March at 4–4.30 pm
    * Those born in April–June at 4.30–5 pm
    * Those born in July–September at 5–5.30
    * Those born in October–December at 5.30–6 pm
  • In case the recommended timetable is not suitable, parishioners can come to Holy Communion at a time given for another group or together as a family.

Leppävaara Parish

  • Holy Communion is distributed in the church hall of Leppävaara Church on Sundays between noon and 1 pm. Restrictions on assembly and other safety directions are followed when distributing Holy Communion. No registration necessary.

Olari Parish

  • Those who have booked a time in advance will receive Holy Communion on Sundays from noon onwards in Olari Church or Olars Kyrka.
  • Parishioners are asked to book a 20-minute time for themselves or those living in the same household by telephoning the parish office on weekdays at 9 am–3 pm, by 3 pm on Friday; tel. +358 9 8050 7000

Tapiola Parish

  • Holy Communion is distributed on Sundays from noon to 2 pm and on Wednesdays at 8 am in Virsu Parish Hall at Tapiontori 3 B.
  • No registration necessary. A maximum of 6 persons can attend at a time. More detailed instructions will be given on the spot.

Esbo svenska församling (Espoo Swedish Parish)

  • The practice of Holy Communion can be agreed upon with Johan Kanckos, tel. +358 40 513 0827,

Baptisms and weddings (-30 April 2021)

The coronavirus recommendations for the Helsinki metropolitan area state that all unnecessary private events should be avoided during the period of restrictions. According to the guidelines of the Bishops, baptisms and weddings are, however, possible, if the event is arranged in parish facilities and attended by no more than 6 persons, parish employees included. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to consider delaying your event until a safer time in the future.

Funerals and burials (-30 April 2021)

Funerals and burials will still be held during the period of restrictions, but funeral services can only be attended by those closest to the deceased and, in accordance with the recommendations, shall number no more than 6 persons.

Funeral services held in Espoo cemetery chapel, Kellonummi chapel and the Cathedral of Espoo are conducted indoors, after which the coffin is transferred to the gravesite. These services may be attended by 10 persons. This number includes pallbearers but not employees of the parish. 

The aim is to keep the funeral as small as possible. For pastoral reasons, however, we allow for the closest family and friends of the deceased to attend funeral services, so the number you wish to include may end up exceeding the limit by a few individuals. If this is the case, the matter must be discussed in advance with the vicar in question. As concerns the Espoo cemetery chapel and Kellonummi chapel, this matter is decided by Kalervo Salo, Chairman of the joint church board. In terms of other parish facilities, decisions on these matters are up to the vicar of each individual parish. Contact information. 

Anyone who attends church ceremonies should wear a face mask and observe social distancing and other hygiene guidelines. 

We recommend holding the funeral as a graveside service. Due to the limited number of participants, families may also consider streaming or videoing the service. It is also possible to organise a larger service for the interment of the urn once the situation is better. Funeral services are generally arranged within 2–4 weeks from the date of death.

The decision not to hold viewings of the deceased within the premises of the Espoo parishes has been in place since 12 March 2020. 

Church services

The Regional Central Register, Service Centre and parish offices of the Espoo Parishes provide their services online. Contact information can be found on the ‘Info ja asiointi’ page (in Finnish).

Help and support

You can turn to a pastor or diaconal worker when you feel the need. The phone numbers of the parish pastors can be found on our Counselling page. The on-call pastor can be reached every day from 9 am–9 pm.

You can contact the diaconal worker in your parish by either calling them directly or leaving a request for contact through our website. For information and appointment scheduling (in Finnish), go to Appointments with diaconal workers.

You can also discuss your matter with our support staff through the online TukiChatti service. TukiChatti is open weekdays from 3–6 pm. The chat dialogue opens on the website by pressing the Avaa chat prompt that appears on the right side of the screen whenever the service is available and, on your phone, by clicking on the speech bubble.

Counselling Service Line of the Church +358 400 22 11 80