Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the activities and services of Espoo Parishes

Espoo Parishes endeavour to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as part of its activities and services. We comply with the restrictions and guidelines issues by the authorities and Bishops.

Parish activities and ceremonies

30 November 2020 – 31 January 2021

  • During the period of restrictions, worship services can be followed online. For more information, see our event calendar (in Finnish).
  • All parish group activities will be moved online, related information will be given separately.
  • Children’s playgroups are considered in the same way as municipal early childhood education and, therefore, will continue to operate normally for the time being.

Baptisms and weddings (-28.2.2021)

The coronavirus recommendations for the Helsinki metropolitan area state that all unnecessary private events should be avoided between 30 November and 20 December 2020. According to the guidelines of the Bishops, baptisms and weddings are, however, possible, if the event is arranged in parish facilities and attended by no more than 10 persons, parish employees included. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to consider delaying your event until a safer time in the future.

Funerals and burials (-28.2.2021)

Funerals and burials will still be carried out during the period of restrictions, 30 November 2020–28 February 2021, but funeral services can only be attended by those closest to the deceased and, in accordance with the recommendations, shall number no more than 10 persons.
We recommend holding the funeral as a graveside service. Due to the limited number of participants, families may also consider streaming or videoing the service as well. It is also possible to organise a larger service for the interment of an urn once the situation is better. Funeral services are generally arranged within 2–4 weeks from the date of death.

Church services

The Regional Central Register, Service Centre and parish offices of the Espoo Parishes provide their services online. Contact information can be found on the ‘Info ja asiointi’ page (in Finnish).

Help and support

You can speak with a pastor or diaconal worker when you feel the need. The phone numbers of the parish pastors can be found on our Counselling page. The on-call pastor can be reached every day from 9 a.m.–9 p.m.

You can contact the diaconal worker in your parish by either calling them directly or leaving a request for contact through our website. For information and appointment scheduling (in Finnish), go to Appointments with diaconal workers.

You can also discuss your matter with our support personnel through the online TukiChatti service. TukiChatti is open weekdays from 3–6 p.m. The chat dialogue opens on the website by pressing the Avaa chat prompt that appears on the right side of the screen whenever the service is available and, on your phone, by clicking on the speech bubble.

Counselling Service Line of the Church +358 (0)400 22 11 80