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Parish elections 2022

Parish elections are held every four years in November. The next elections are held on 20 November 2022.
All parishes in Espoo belong to a parish union. That means that two elections are held. In one election, representatives are elected to the parish board, the executive body of the parish, and, in the other, to the parish union board, the executive body of the parish union. Separate candidate lists are compiled for both elections, and candidates can choose to run in either one or both elections.
Parish elections are local elections that govern decision-making in your parish: how tax money from parishioners will be allocated, what activities will be offered, who will receive assistance, and where and how? Representatives can influence what happens in their parish, including how parish funds are spent, what activities are offered and who are nominated as lay members to the General Synod.

Who can vote?

You can vote if you are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and are 16 years old on or before the election day 20 November 2022. Confirmation preparation or confirmation are not required; Church membership is enough.

Who can stand for election?

Candidates must be confirmed members of the Church who have turned 18 on or before the election day. Candidates have to give their written consent to stand for election.

If you would like to stand for election, contact your parish for more information.


Espoon Cathedral Parish

•    Dean Ari Paavilainen, 040 662 4985
•    election committee secretary Miia Pekkarinen, 050 471 5417

Espoonlahti Parish

•    Vicar Jouni Turtiainen, 050 432 7515
•    election committee secretary Jukka Lehti, 050 434 1090

Leppävaara Parish

•    Vicar Kalervo Salo, 050 594 1712
•    election committee secretary Jukka Raunu, 040 524 3057

Olari Parish

•    Vicar Salla-Maria Viitapohja, 040 513 0857
•    election committee secretary Antti Malinen, 041 539 8778

Tapiola Parish

•    Vicar Päivi Linnoinen, 050 379 9038
•    election committee secretary Ossi Tervonen, 040 525 0251

Espoo Swedish-language Parish

•    Vicar Kira Ertman, 050 358 1014
•    election committee secretary Irene Erkko, 040546 5194


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Sinful, faithful, loveful. Stand for election just as you are. #parishelections
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