Assistance from a private undertaker

Many undertakers have offices in Espoo. Contact an undertaker (hautaustoimisto) to buy a coffin (casket), to buy an urn or to arrange for transportation of the deceased one. If you wish, you can also ask an undertaker to contact the Service Center of the Lutheran congregations on your behalf to make practical arrangements for the funeral. An undertaker can also assist you in other matters concerning burial and the estate inventory (perunkirjoitus). You must pay private undertakers for their services. In Finland, however, undertakers do not act as directors in the funeral service; that is done by church custodians and pastors.

A Christian funeral for a person with no religious affiliation?

A person who is not a church member can receive a Christian funeral if the relatives ask for that and if it was not against the wishes of the deceased one. This is discussed with a pastor in the Service Center before a date is set for the funeral service. In Espoo a funeral service for a person who was not a church member can be held in the Espoo chapel (near the cathedral) or in Kellonummi on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (except for church holidays occurring on a weekday), so that a payment is charged for use of the chapel. If the relatives wish to use church facilities for a reception or memorial service after the funeral service, a payment is also charged in this case. Church facilities may not be used for irreligious funerals or ceremonies of a non-Christian religion.
Candles in funeral.