A group of smiling Tanzanian youths with a tree sapling in front of them.
Ebenezer Secondary School pupils rejoice over their mango tree sapling. Photo: Linda Juntunen, Felm

The trees planted for Espoo babies are growing in Tanzania

The Lutheran diocese of Morogoro and the pupils of Ebenezer Secondary School have been eager to campaign for a greener Morogoro. Join us in following the growth of the trees planted with the support of the Espoo Lutheran parishes.

During Green Month, the church encourages the planting of saplings

The Green October campaign of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania's Morogoro diocese encourages local churches and residents to plant trees on their land. The campaign is held annually and lasts for a whole month.

At the Green April event in 2023, a total of 5000 saplings were distributed for planting. From 2024 onwards, it was decided to move the campaign to October. The aim is to plant the trees just before the long rainy season begins so that the saplings get plenty of water.

Climate change has caused the rainy season in Tanzania to start at different times than before, especially in spring. If planted during the dry season, the saplings do not get enough water and die. In autumn, the rainy season is longer, making planting saplings safer.

Tanzanian bishop planting a tree with a child.
Bishop Mameo of the Morogoro diocese is planting trees with schoolchildren. Photo: Yona Kitua, Morogoro Diocese
Hands planting a sapling in the soil.
The delicate mango sapling will one day bear delicious fruit. Photo: Linda Juntunen, Felm
Three young people next to a knee-high tree sapling.
This mango tree has already grown a bit taller. The pupils at Ebenezer School have been watering it during the dry season. Photo: Linda Juntunen, Felm
A group of people with a banner reading: The Green April Campaign.
The banner reads: Green April Campaign. By participating in the campaign, you are taking care of your environment. Trees are a part of life; take care of the environment, plant trees! Photo: Yona Kitua, Morogoro Diocese

A grove established on the grounds of Ebenezer School

4500 saplings were planted on the school grounds. Some of these are fruit trees and include endangered local hardwoods such as iroko, also known as African teak.

Tanzanian youths digging holes with long-handled shovels.
Ebenezer Secondary School pupils eagerly participated in the planting work. Photo: Yona Kitua, Morogoro Diocese
A group of young people bending down to spread dry leaves around a tree sapling.
Tree saplings need care. Here, pupils protect a guava sapling with dry leaves. Photo: Linda Juntunen, Felm
Three secondary school pupils by a passion fruit tree, with a low building in the background.
The school's pupils have helped the planted saplings through the dry season. This handsome vine is a passion fruit. Photo: Linda Juntunen, Felm
A group of schoolchildren in the shade of a large tree.
As a reward for their excellent work, the pupils got to go on a trip to Mikumi National Park. Photo: Yona Kitua, Morogoro Diocese

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