Wedding ceremony

The order of service

In a church wedding where the pastor acts as a marriage officer. (The consecration of a marriage into which the couple has already entered follows a similar order)

  • Instrumental music ('wedding march')
  • Invocation and introductory words
  • Psalm reading (optional, a friend or relative may serve as the reader)
  • Prayer
  • Bible reading (a friend or relative may serve as the reader)
  • Short sermon or speech
  • Questions
  • Ring prayer
  • Promises of love (optional)
  • Pronouncement of marriage and a blessing
  • Wedding hymn (optional, sung together)
  • Prayer of intercession
  • Lord's prayer ('Our Father')
  • Benediction 
  • Concluding music 

A small wedding

A wedding does not necessarily require lavish preparations. A church wedding can be quite simple, perhaps on a weekday in a chapel or church.  If the couple doesnít want to invite many people, two witnesses are enough.

After the wedding

A church wedding sends a married couple to share life with each other, supported by God's blessing.  A wedding Bible, a gift from the congregation, tells of God's unlimited love that shields the couple in times of need and plenty, in sorrow as well as joy.

God's rule does not end when the ceremony is finished. He promises to be with his own every day. Everyday married life is fulfilled in mutual love, empowered by God.

Arranging a church wedding contacts

To make reservations for a wedding or to obtain a certificate of non-impediment contact the Service Center (palvelukeskus) of the Lutheran congregations.

Reservations and certificates

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Pastor in the office
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