Groups for adults

Baptism and confirmation classes for adults

Anyone interested to know more about the basics of Christianity can join in baptism and confirmation classes. After the course, it is possible—but not mandatory—to become a full member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland through baptism or confirmation. The curriculum consists of study meetings, personal study assignments, and church attendance.

Enquiries and registration: 

or contact your local parish.

  • Espoon tuomiokirkko: Raigo Liiman 050 438 0116
  • Espoonlahti: Jukka Lehti 050 434 1090
  • Leppävaara: Jukka Raunu 040 524 3057
  • Olari: Tapio Suontakanen 050 409 4047
  • Tapiola: Erika Kallio 040 547 1864

More information about the Church

More information about membership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of FinlandLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä and about participation in the life of the local church.

Information about confirmation clasess for adults in Finnish.

Aikuisrippikoulu ryhmä keskustelee pöydän ääressä.