Confirmation classes and activities for youth

Confirmation camp

Confirmation camp is a once in a lifetime adventure. It offers shared experiences and a spiritual survival kit for the young people struggling to reach maturity in the upheavals and joys of adolescence. In Espoo, nearly every 15-year-old participates in confirmation teaching, which is usually provided in the form of a camp. Every camp needs assistant group leaders, who are called "big sisters" and "big brothers". There are 650 young participants in the big sister and big brother -training annually.

The youth get together

The youth work programmes offer safe, refreshing and spiritual activities for the young – and a great chance of having fun together.

Own pages of young people:

Colourful Espoo is an community for young adults in the parish and it offers activities for young adults over 20.

Girls in confimation camp.
Photo Katri Saarela.