The central office of Espoo Church

The central office of Espoo Church serves the local parishes by

  • providing the basic facilities and services needed for parish work

  • taking care of some tasks on behalf of the parishes as commonly agreed


The central office is responsible for

  • camp centres

  • cemeteries

  • pastoral care and counselling in hospitals

  • university, student and campus ministry

  • ministry to the handicapped

  • coordination of intercultural ministry and work in English

  • ministry in Arabic and Russian

  • bi-weekly magazine "Kirkko ja kaupunki"

  • finance and administration

  • taxation

  • personnel

  • real estate management

  • construction projects

  • ICT

Director of administration Risto Hämäläinen


Financial manager Harri Hakulinen


Real estate and burial management
Real estate manager Petteri Leinonen


Service centre, personnel and general administration
Manager Marja Jakobson


Centralized parish work 
Manager Eero Jokela


Manager Urpu Sarlin


Manager Kari Tevilin

Kirkonkulma on Espoon seurakuntayhtymän toimistorakennus Espoon keskuksessa.