Confirmation classes for immigrants

The Lutheran Church in Espoo welcomes those who come to Finland from abroad to take part in the life of the church. The church organizes activities in English, and confirmation classes are arranged for immigrants in various languages including English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Confirmation classes for immigrants are often baptismal classes, because many participants have not received a Christian baptism before. But those who are already baptised can attend the same classes to review the principles of the Christian faith and to acquaint themselves with the Finnish Church. These classes can lead to adult baptism or confirmation and membership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. If you want to attend an adult confirmation class, contact the Lutheran parish in your area.

Young immigrants are often quite fluent in Finnish, so it is easy for them to go with other young people to a confirmation school (rippikoulu) arranged by the local congregation. Practical arrangements for confirmation classes can vary depending on local resources and the various backgrounds that immigrants have. Classes may be held privately or in a small group, and in one group there can be students of various ages and national backgrounds.