The Service Centre of the Lutheran parishes in Espoo

Open Mon–Fri 9 am to 3 pm

Contact information
tel 09 80501
[email protected]

Street address
Kirkkokatu 1, Espoo (Due to the corona pandemic, you can temporarily reach us only by phone and email. Our office is closed until further notice.)  

Postal address
P.O. Box 200 / PL 200
02771 Espoo

Reservations for sacred rites and the use of facilities
tel. 09 8050 2601

Registrar's services (registry extracts, family research)
tel. 09 8050 2600
[email protected]

Cemetery Services
tel. 09 8050 2200
fax 09 256 7212
[email protected]

Pastor on-call
tel. 09 8050 2602

Reservations of conference and camp facilities
tel. 09 8050 2890
[email protected]

Metropolitan church magazine Kirkko ja kaupunki, subscriptions and cancellations
tel. 09 8050 2600

Service Centre online
You can find instructions, prices and a form for ordering registry extracts (in Finnish) here.

Kirkonkulman ala-aula syysauringossa.