The cemeteries and graveyards in Espoo

There are five cemeteries in Espoo. Altogether there are around 1000 burials a year in Espoo cemeteries, about 75% of which are cremations. War veterans and their spouses are entitled to a free burial plot.  


GRAVE MEMORIAL PLANLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä

The Espoo Chapel Cemetery

(Kappelin hautausmaa)

Pappilantie 12, 02770 Espoo

The chapel cemetery was inaugurated in 1963. The cemetery and chapel (with crematorium) are located very near the cathedral. The chapel was designed by Heikki and Kaija Siren in 1963. It can hold up to 80 people. New burial plots are available only for war veterans and their spouses.

Cathedral churchyard

(Kirkon hautausmaa)

Kirkonmäentie 1, 02770 Espoo

This historical graveyard surrounds Espoo's beautiful medieval cathedral. The graveyard consists of family graves, the urn cemeteries, a memorial glade with a memorial by artist Jouko Rostila (1977), a cenotaph and war grave cemetery, and next to the church a monument to the departed of Karelia. There are no new burial plots available at the graveyard. Burials take place in family graves, in the urn cemetery, or in the memorial glade.

In a memorial glade, ashes are buried in separate plots. The church graveyard memorial glade has a central memorial place for flowers and candles, but not a place for memorial plaques.

The Gräsa Urn Cemetery

(Gräsan uurnalehto)

Beside Olari Church, Olarinluoma 4, 02200 Espoo

Gräsa Urn Cemetery was designed by architect Bey Heng. There are several burial options at Gräsa. There are grave plots for either individual or family use, a columbarium, a garden of remembrance for scattering of ashes, and a memorial glade for interment of ashes. In the memorial glade and garden of remembrance you can remember your loved ones with engraved plaques on the memorial stones, and there is a special area where you can bring flowers or candles, the centrepiece of which is a beautiful sculpture entitled 'Wings', sculpted by Helena Pylkkänen.

The Kellonummi Cemetery

(Kellonummen hautausmaa)

Kellonummentie 17, 02740 Espoo

Kellonummi Cemetery was inaugurated in 1986. The beautiful woodlands, meadows and lawns blend gently into the surrounding forests. The graves are located in a natural setting of pine woodlands and meadows. There is also a pond and a stream running through the cemetery.

At Kellonummi there is an urn cemetery, coffin cemetery, a memorial glade for interment of ashes, and a new, non-denominational section of the cemetery, which was inaugurated in 2006. Along with space for coffin burials and urn burials, there is a garden of remembrance in the non-denominational area for scattering of ashes. The cemetery is, at its present size, 20 hectares. The chapel in the cemetery area was designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1992; the large chapel can hold 120 people and the small chapel accommodates 50.

The Tapiola Urn Cemetery

(Tapiolan uurnalehto)

Kirkkopolku 6, 02100 Espoo

Tapiola Urn Cemetery next to Tapiola Church was designed by architect office Lahdelma & Malkamäki and inaugurated in 2004. There are 8 000 urn plots in the area. Each plot has a space for engraving the names of the departed, and a small container for flowers and tributes. There is also a columbarium and a memorial glade for interment of ashes. The names of the departed in the memorial glade are on engraved plaques on the memorial wall. There are pedestals for flowers and a memorial stand for candles and lanterns, which everyone may use.

Contact information

Cemetery Office of Espoo Church
Street address: Kirkkokatu 1, 02770 Espoo
Postal addres: P.O. Box 200, 02771 Espoo

tel. 09 8050 2200, appointments Mo-Fri 9-15
fax 09 256 7212, tel. 09 80501
Open: weekdays 9-15

Street address: Pappilantie 12, 02770 Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 200, 02771 Espoo
Foreman of the crematory
tel. 09 8050 2375, 040 513 0840
fax 09 8050 2376
Open Mo-Sa 8-16

Gräsan uurnalehto kesällä.
The Gräsa Urn Cemetery. Photo Mirja Aukee-Peiponen.